For mechanics

Improve your bottom line

Reduce lost time and missed bookings with better communication.

We streamline communication, so you can focus on your customers.

Keep track of your client’s flight time, ADs and squawks. Schedule their plane for service and send them reminders. See all of your clients maintenance requirements in one simple to use dashboard.

  • Schedule service to minimize clients’ down time and maximize your efficiency
  • Track flight logs to see when and how your clients are flying
  • Track maintenance items such as squawks and ADs
  • Ultimate visibility to see all your clients’ maintenance tracks at the same time

Powerful aviation management features

Easy to use
Though our software is feature rich, its design is based on simplicity. Intuitive screens ensure the information you need most often is easy to reach.
Streamlined scheduling
Our approach to aircraft maintenance tracking takes every maintenance item into account from squawks to ADs to help you minimize your clients’ downtime.
High visibility
Our Aero display system places the information you need right in front of you at all times. Connect this device to any standard HDMI television and instantly see all the aircraft you service and where they are in their maintenance cycles.
Gentle reminders
Remind your clients of upcoming maintenance via email or text and also on their WhenYouFly dashboard. If they have our Flight Time Indicator installed in their aircraft it will even notify them the next time they go for a flight.

Fully customizable

Detailed scheduling reports and analytics

Our data forward software puts your information to work for you. Data visualization helps you see how your scheduled time and logged time may differ and why.

Our object-oriented system makes tracking simple

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Intuitive, easy to use interface

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Pricing you’re going to love

The best part of the Mechanic’s version of our software is that it’s absolutely FREE.

You read that right. The Mechanic’s version of our software is free. So there’s no reason not to give it a try right now. If you like what you see, encourage your pilots to sign up for service, too.

Ready to take off?