Keeping you in the air

Keeping you in the air

We believe your time is important. That's why we give you the tools to not only schedule your aircraft, but also track the time your pilots actually spend in the air. We show you when your aircraft maintenance is due and give you the insight necessary to keep your planes flying. Which is, after all, the reason you're here in the first place. Uncertainty is not your friend. Let us help you increase your confidence when you fly. Contact us today and ask about how we can help keep you in the air.

Maintenance Tracking

Fly safe! This is our motto and creed. We live by it. With our background in FAA certification, pilot training, aircraft maintenance and general aviation we believe aviation safety is our primary goal. Keeping your aircraft well-maintained keeps them safe and it keeps them in the air, where they and your pilots belong. Our maintenance tracking system takes the flight log information and your aircraft data and gives you quick insights into when your aircraft need maintenance so that you can keep your planes safe and in the air.

Electronic Flight Logging

The Electronic Flight Logger (EFL) was built with the most modern 1980s 8-bit technology to simplify your pilots' lives. Yes, it does have all the power of a Commodore 64 but it also has modern touches like an SD card and WiFi connectivity. It's purpose is to make collecting (and therefore using) necessary flight data as painless, quick and simple as possible. The EFL asks the pilot (or instructor) to enter starting Hobbs time before the flight and ending Hobbs time and tach time at the end of the flight. This data is uploaded to your WhenYouFly account vi WiFi or SD card on a regular basis - in fact, you can send the data after every flight if you like. Once uploaded the aircraft and pilot flight logs are automatically updated and (if you've subscribed to our maintenance tracking system) the aircraft's time to maintenance is updated.