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Aircraft Scheduling and Maintenance Tracking

For Pilots By Pilots

WhenYouFly is aviation software built for pilots by pilots.

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Helps keep you in the air

Our approach to aircraft scheduling and time management takes the entire aviation workflow into account to help you maximize flight time.

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Electronic Flight Logging

Our Electronic Flight Logger(tm) provides hobbs/tach time logging and tracking from airplane to billing.

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How To Sign Up

Watch this short video about how to sign up for our service.

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Flight Scheduling

Airplane scheduling for flying clubs, flight schools, charter operators and FBOs that is pilot and aircraft aware

Flight Time Billing

We help you log and track your flight time to simplify and streamline your billing process.

Maintenance Tracking

We help you keep track of your aircraft maintenance to improve aviation safety and keep your planes and pilots in the air.

Aviation resource management in the modern age:

  • WhenYouFly Version 1.13f
  • Aircraft Scheduling
  • Pilot/Instructor Scheduling
  • Electronic Flight Logging
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Greater resource utilization
  • For Pilots, By Pilots

WhenYouFly is developed by pilots for pilots and thus is designed with a unique understanding of how the General Aviation world functions.

Try our software today. You can try our software right now by clicking the lovely orange button to the right. This will take you to the (fictional) Merrily Flying Club. Here you can login as a student pilot, pilot, instructor or admin and see how lovely the world is WhenYouFly.


  • dbird (student pilot)
  • marmon (pilot)
  • lharris (instructor)
  • winnie (administrator/scheduler)
  • fwilliams (administrator/full access>


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